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Our Students will be ready for the world, but will the world be ready for our Students?

戴岭 Student Travel is a company who wishes to give students the chance to not only see the world but understand the world.

The world is entering a new stage of history, where all of its countries are seamlessly connected. The international pulse is growing stronger and stronger. Today, there is an international economic community, where people from all of the countries meet together and work together.

For students coming of age at this time, there is no greater ability than to speak and understand multiple languages. Nothing creates better opportunity for work and for life. Napoleon said, “A man who speaks two languages is worth two men.” In this globalized, international era the internationalist has far more opportunities for work and life.

Most student travel companies take students to different countries and then go sightseeing, taking pictures. 戴岭Student Travel takes student travel to another level.

With 戴岭, students not only visit foreign countries, but spend nearly half of their time studying the language and culture. When Students deeply learn foreign languages, they also deeply learn about themselves.

How many student travel trips end up being just a collection of cute pictures?

With our Language and Culture programs, students visit foreign countries and while there, study, study, study the local language and culture. We grow the students into international citizens. Our Students will be ready for the world, but will the world be ready for our Students?

stud-travelLanguage Success

In most countries of the world, every student studies a foreign language for many years. Students study and have regular quizzes and take tests. Many students take standardized language tests.

Yet the problem is that, all over the world, very few succeed to learn to speak a second language. If you think about the *hundreds of millions* of people who study a foreign language in school for many years… and then fail to succeed with that language, you can see that there is a real problem.

At 戴岭Student Travel, we make students *succeed* in their second language.
Whether students travel to the USA and study English or travel to China and study Chinese, our learning system creates students who succeed with the foreign language. Test scores mean nothing if students cannot hold a conversation.

While living in Qingdao, China for 14 years, 戴岭 became fluent in two dialects of Chinese- Qingdao and Mandarin. During this time, he ran his 戴岭English Alive! schools, teaching both children and adults. He developed a language learning system based upon succeeding in the spoken language, so each Student can enter the modern international community as a bilingual.

We seek to truly develop our Students to become international citizens.

stud-travelInternational English

This is the new international era. English is the international language. People from countries all over the world are teaching their children English to be a part of the international economy. A friend from Bangladesh once told 戴岭, “‘I told my son, English is the most important part of your education.'”

To be a part of the international economy, it is important that you can communicate with the world; that you can understand and be understood.

At 戴岭Student Travel we teach our Students modern, international English. 戴岭 spent over a decade living in the dynamic international city of Qingdao. Qingdao is one of Asia’s largest ports. Companies from the whole world are doing business there, so 戴岭 has friends from every corner of the world. In restaurants and cafés, it is common to have one table speaking Russian, one speaking French, one German, another Chinese, and a few others speaking Korean, Japanese, or Spanish. It is a true international environment.

Yet when the whole group talks together, it is in English.

International English is based on American English. Indeed, it is common for someone speaking strong Australian or British English to be not understood by the group of internationals. One friendly Aussie was once joking to a group, when a fellow Aussie was not being understood, “Let me translate that for you all~!” meaning: Let me translate his Australian English into international English. Everyone laughed, including the Aussies.

The English language is from England, yet it is true that through Hollywood and American culture, it is the American idiom which has spread the farthest.

For instance, the British grammar pattern, “Have you got a pen?” is not in usage internationally. People speak American style: Do you have a pen? Likewise, there is a wide range of British vocabulary which has not spread. Internationals never speak of lorries, meeting someone at the “head” of a road, or describing one’s weight gain in stones.

At the same time, international English, while following the general flow and style of American English, is not a carbon copy.

Americans speak of where they “went to college.” Say that in an international community and people scratch their heads. With internationals, you go to “university.” Likewise, America still subscribes to the medieval British Imperial System of weights and measures. No international can relate to gallons, pounds, feet, or inches. Who measures small distances by saying 3/8ths of an inch? Millimeters are much more logical.

So at 戴岭Student Travel, we teach students the English language that is being used today by people all over the world- true international English. Parents can be confident that their children are learning English which will make them relevant to the modern world. It’s way cool. ^_^


stud-travelWho is 戴岭?

The American with the Chinese name!

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戴岭 is most thankful for the education his parents provided him. His home of New England is highly regarded for its good, strict education starting in the 1600’s, when Harvard University was founded in Boston. His home state of Massachusetts is often said to have the best schools in America.



Over 10 years at his 戴岭English Alive! schools in Qingdao, 戴岭 developed
a proven method for people to learn English and become bilingual. His method
appears in the 20+ books which he has penned, from the 戴岭English Alive! textbooks for kids, to the 戴岭English Alive! Storybooks, to the 戴岭English Alive! Kids English Songs, 戴岭English Alive! Basketball English, and the proven LifeEnglish method for older students/adults.



戴岭 absolutely loves learning languages. The international culture of Qingdao allows him to practice many. 戴岭 can speak 10 languages. He considers himself trilingual: fluent in English (American, International dialects) and Chinese (Qingdao, Mandarin dialects, Classical Chinese); pretty good in French. He knows basic grammar of Korean, German, and Spanish; and can exchange greetings in Italian, Uigher, Russian, and Japanese.



In this era of increasing obesity and poor health, 戴岭 prides himself on being very healthy. He believes we should set an example of Good Health for Students.
He has been a vegetarian for 18 years, very pleased in studies showing that vegetarians get dramatically less cancer. He exercises daily, and has run 6 marathons (Boston Marathon 1994-1997, Cape Cod Marathon 1997, Yantai Marathon 2015).

戴岭 believes that Students should develop their abilities and passions outside the classroom as well as in school. At 戴岭Student Travel, we actively encourage our Students to pursue complete character development.Besides languages, 戴岭’s main passions are as a:



stud-travel戴岭 believes strongly that the abilities he develops through these hobbies all make him a better Teacher. stud-travel



stud-travelExcellent American Education

[Chinese should know that Boston College is not a XUEYUAN. It is a highly regarded university.]



stud-travel戴岭 as a MUSICIAN!

Qingdao Huangdao
Summer Show

“What’s Your Name?”
in school




stud-travel戴岭 as a MOUNTAINEER / OUTDOORSMAN!


stud-travel戴岭 as a TRANSLATOR, EDITOR, & WRITER




戴岭 spent 10 years translating the 2,300-year-old Classical Chinese Daodejing. Here are some excerpts:



戴岭 was Contributing Editor of TOBE Magazine, Qingdao’s highly avant-garde art/fashion magazine with connections in Beijing and Paris.



From 2006-2009 in the Qingdao culture mag redSTAR, 戴岭 wrote the monthly column Hundred Schools, making translations and explications of every major Chinese philosopher.




For many years, 戴岭 has contributed his photography and writing to Qingdaonese.com where he writes about nature and the traditional culture of the Qingdao mountains.






Published in MINS Magazine (Qingdao)